Enerdrive DIY Dual Battery Kit

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The Enerdrive Dual Battery Kit allows for safe charging and separation of starting and auxiliary batteries in all 12 volt marine, 4WD, caravan and solar applications. When the engine is started, starting and auxiliary batteries are separated allowing only the starting battery to be charged. When the charge voltage reaches 13.3 volts the Voltage Sensitive Relay engages allowing both starting and auxiliary batteries to be charged. This is indicated by the red light in the top LH corner being illuminated. When the engine is stopped and the battery voltage falls below 12.8 volts the VSR disengages separating the start and auxiliary batteries, at this point the indicator light will be out and the auxiliary battery continues to power any accessories without risk of draining the starting battery.

The Enerdrive VSR also has Dual Sensing which senses the charge of both batteries. If either battery is receiving a charge, e.g. a battery charger is connect to the auxiliary battery; the VSR will engage and charge both batteries.


Included in the pack: 

  • 1 x Enerdrive 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay
  • 1 x 6 metre length of battery cable
  • 1 x Earth cable
  • 2 x Positive brass marine type battery terminals
  • 1 x Negative brass marine type battery terminals
  • Tinned copper lugs & heat shrink
  • Cable ties



  • 5 Year warranty