Voltech Folding Solar Blanket (120W)

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 Folding Solar Blanket (120W)

Voltech foldable solar blankets offer high performance charging, strength and portability. Available in 120W, 160W & 200W that come with all the accessories needed to quickly set up a portable charging system. Voltech foldable solar blanket kit features -

• Monocrystalline cells
• Light weight & compact
• Pwr - 120W, Vmp - 18.1V, Imp - 6.67A (+/- 3%)
• Blanket style, no legs
• 10Amp - IP68 rated 12V/24V charge controller included (120W version)
• 50A Grey Anderson style connectors
• 24 Month warranty

Brand: Voltech

Dimensions: 1100x730x10

Weight: 4.5

Carton Qty: 1

Warranty Information: 24 Months